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Grille Guards

Grille guard is a heavy-duty one-piece construction that is designed to protect the front area of your vehicle from damages, road debris, and rocks. It is a center-mounted accessory that is manufactured from durable, high quality materials such as aluminum or welded steel to ensure resistance to harsh conditions. Designed vehicle specific, custom grille guards vary considerably in sizes. Some aftermarket accessories typically replace fender or front bumper, requiring indicator lights.

Grille guards are usually built to protect the car as they are able to control the deformation of the vehicle during a collision. In addition, chrome grille guard can complement your vehicle's exterior giving your truck or SUV a tough look. Coming in chrome finish, this chrome accessory matches your chrome trim perfectly stepping your car's style to new heights accentuating the factory lines.


  • ensures quality front protection for you car
  • strong one-piece construction
  • manufactured from durable materials
  • protects your grille and headlights
  • available in chrome finish
  • the easy installation requires no drilling or other modifications

If you want to enhance your vehicle's look as well as protect the front of your car, choose chrome grille guard. Designed to deliver stylish look, this accessory will complete your vehicle's overall appearance.

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