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2007 Chevy Impala Chrome Fender Vents

Chrome fender vents are one of the most popular chrome accessories in the auto market. Earlier, the purpose of the fender vent was to cool off the engine, but nowadays they serve as a decoration. Fender vents as well as portholes come in several luxury classic styles giving your 2007 Chevy Impala a complete custom look. These aftermarket accessories are made of automotive-grade chrome-plated ABS plastic or high quality mirror-polished stainless steel. You don't need to worry about corrosion, pits, or peeling. These products are durable and last the life of your car. Coming in the variety of designs and styles, chrome fender vents are sure to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Available in radiant finish, these chrome accents match your factory chrome trim perfectly. 2007 Chevy Impala aftermarket fender vents are designed to precisely fit your car. To accent your perfect-looking wheels, chrome door handles, or grille guard, you may add a set of chrome fender vents or fender port holes. With them, you will complement the overall vehicle's look, giving your car fresh, mirror-like notes.

The installation needs no drilling or cutting. Fender vents mount simply in minutes using pre-applied 3M adhesive tape. The complete set is ready to install right out of the box. Simply peel and stick.

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