Chrome Accessories

When it comes to add eye-catching accents to a vehicle, chrome accessories inventory is a perfect way to start with. The brilliant shine, provided by these aftermarket add-ons, easily complements your vehicle's style. We have collected the unbeatable selection of the chrome automobile parts for you. Single product is a perfect option for those who want to try all advantages of the chrome parts or need to replace the damaged one. If you want to chrome out your vehicle from its front bumper to tail lights, than a full package of chrome accessories from is right here at your disposal.

Chrome Accessories

Our chrome auto parts come from the leading aftermarket manufacturers. Billet grilles, gas caps, side vents, mirror covers, tailgate handles are just the beginning of the huge list of chrome parts, available for you to customize your car, truck or SUV.

Universal or custom-made, all our chrome accessories feature high quality, precise fit and long service life. The chrome parts are manufactured using the ABS or steel. Both materials provide certain benefits. ABS is an outstanding engineering thermoplastics. This material is widely used in the automotive aftermarket industry due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and affordability. Like steel, ABS material easily takes chrome plating for luxury finish.

If you hunt for toughness and high durability, you should consider chrome parts made of stainless steel. The automobile aftermarket industry widely uses the mild steel. It is relatively inexpensive material that features properties, acceptable for chroming. The major drawback of the mild steel is its lower corrosion resistance. The applied chrome plating easily solves this problem.

When choosing chrome accessories, you need to consider polished stainless steel and billet aluminum. Aluminum is remarkable among the OEM and aftermarket parts manufacturers for its light weight and high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, due to the ductility aluminum can be rolled, forged or hammered in different shapes. Most chrome accessories are made of stainless steel since it features strength, sturdiness and outstanding rust resistance. Both metals are polished for an incredible shine that can compete or even outperform traditional chrome plating.

To upgrade your car, truck or SUV with chrome accessories is as simple as A-B-C. You will not blow a fuse, and your bank account will be safe. Depending on the material, the chrome items are divided into two parts: overlay and replacement products. The auto accessories, made of custom-molded ABS, come with pre-applied adhesive tape. All you need is to remove the protective layer from the 3M tape and stick accurately the part to the area it belongs. No drilling and cutting are required. The original parts remain on their places. When you choose the chrome aftermarket add-ons, made of billet aluminum or stainless steel, then a complete removal of the original part is needed. The chrome accessory is bolted into the place of a factory installed part.

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